A Holistic & Innovative Approach

As early pioneers of SMART on FHIR, Rimidi’s clinical management platform works directly within your EHR—no separate sign in, no workflow disruption, better clinical efficiency. Rimidi combines patient-generated health data from connected devices or patient reported outcomes measures with clinical data to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions through embedded clinical decision support cards. Current clinical use-cases of the Rimidi platform include chronic, cardiometabolic conditions, epidemic management, and perioperative care.

Intensive episodes of care like surgeries involve multi-step processes for both the provider and the patient.

Pre-surgery preparation can seem stressful and prolonged for the patient. Managing patient expectations and success can be manual and inefficient for clinical staff. Rimidi supports the patient journey with mobile apps designed for patients paired with SMART on FHIR apps for healthcare providers. Developed in partnership with Emory Healthcare, these apps offer a better patient experience and an integrated and efficient way for clinicians to manage the complex pathways.



In partnership with Emory Healthcare, Rimidi added the capability to track surgery outcomes to its clinical management platform. The solution includes a mobile app for surgeons integrated with the EMR, a patient-facing mobile app for outcomes tracking, and an administrative interface for outcomes reporting.

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Deep Brain Stimulation

In partnership with Emory Healthcare, Rimidi has developed DBS CareTrek, a patient journey app for patients referred to the deep brain stimulation (DBS) program for Parkinson’s and other neurologic conditions. The app, which is available to other DBS programs, is designed to improve the patient experience, enhance clinic efficiency, reduce cancelled appointments and drive both patient and provider satisfaction.

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More Use-Cases

Don’t see your service line here? Rimidi works with clinicians across health systems and service lines to develop streamlined, app-driven experiences that drive better clinical efficiency and a much better patient experience.