It’s time for a Better Healthcare System

Rimidi is a group of healthcare entrepreneurs aligned in a belief that we can do so much better—as individuals, and as an industry—in providing significant and enduring solutions. Our leadership team is comprised of physicians, bioengineers and business professionals credited with developing technologies and practices successfully used in
healthcare today.

Josh Claman, MBA


Josh Claman is a driven, experienced global executive. He has over 25 years leading technology businesses in Asia, Europe and the Americas. His industry experiences span his time at Dell in several senior executive positions, including the founding and development of Dell’s European Healthcare business, to his role as President of ReachLocal, one of the largest advertising technology companies in the US, and serving as the Chief Business Officer of Stratasys, a leader in 3D printing in the medical field. Josh is a strong advocate for the promise of technology.

Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD

Founder & Chief Health Innovator

Lucie brings her diverse experiences in medicine, science, venture capital and technology to bear in leading Rimidi’s strategy and vision. Motivated by the belief that we can do so much better as individuals, an industry and society, Lucie left clinical medicine to join the ranks of healthcare entrepreneurs who are trying to revolutionize an industry.

Jennifer Ide, JD

Vice President & General Counsel

Jennifer has twelve years of experience advising companies about legal and regulatory risks and guiding them in business decisions. She oversees all of the Company’s legal and regulatory matters and serves as the Company’s compliance officer and HIPAA privacy and security officer. Jennifer practiced at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan before joining Rimidi.

Chris McIlvoy, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is responsible for leading the overall design and development of the Rimidi product. His background includes consulting across a diverse set of verticals in a mix of strategy and engineering roles. Chris believes the primary development goal of Rimidi is to deliver technology that will improve clinical workflows and ultimately lead to a better experience for patients and clinicians alike.

Kirk Barnes

Vice President, Business Development

Kirk has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, diagnostic, digital health and medical device industries. His focus has been in sales, business development, global marketing and lobbying. During his time in the pharma/biotech sector, Kirk helped to launch several blockbuster drugs in the diabetes and oncology therapeutic areas. Kirk continues to serve as a Together.Health Steering Committee Member (Founded under leadership from HHS/ONC), Coulter Foundation Oversight Committee Member, TAG Health Board Member, GA BIO Commercialization Committee Member, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce BioScience Council Member and a Board Observer for Patientory (Blockchain Digital Health Company). Kirk holds a B.A. in Economics from Florida A&M University.

Tara Davis, MSPH

Director of Community Health

Tara, is an Epidemiologist with a diverse background in Science and Public Health. Prior to joining the Rimidi team, Tara worked as a Research Projects Manager for Emory University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She holds a MSPH from UAB and a Bachelor’s of Science from Spelman College. Tara’s expertise is in the development and evaluation of Public Health prevention programs and interventions involving technology-based approaches. She has published in the areas of Chronic Disease and Digital Health.

Dan Bonistalli, MBID

Director of Product

Dan works to ensure Rimidi is integrated with the healthcare internet-of-things, providing a seamless experience so that users get the right insights when they need them. Dan's background is biomedical engineering and he holds a masters degree in medical device development. His experience includes supporting national health IT systems with Epic, and medical device design and commercialization with the Global Center for Medical Innovation here in Atlanta. Dan is motivated by using data to tell the patient's story.

Mari Fonger, MSN

Client Relations Manager

Mari brings over two decades of diverse healthcare experience to Rimidi. She has worked as an advanced practice nurse in both the hospital and home settings. More recently, Mari has held client-facing positions in digital health companies. She is passionate about the use of best-in-class digital therapeutics to advance the diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease. Mari is dedicated to achieving better outcomes for patients and increasing value for all healthcare stakeholders.

Emily Keough

Director of Marketing

Emily brings her journalistic aptitude and love of problem solving to her role at Rimidi, which encompasses all facets of marketing strategy and execution. She is a storyteller at heart with a passion for making complex topics easier to understand. Naturally, she has spent her career in the healthcare industry, where there is no shortage of complexity. She is motivated by the belief that real, measurable improvements in healthcare are within reach!

Rimidi in the News

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Quality, not quantity, will be the key driver of success going forward, and profit will be maximized by focusing on outcomes, writes Rimidi CEO Josh Claman.

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The continual needs of the chronic care population are taxing our healthcare system at a time when we are also facing a shortage of PCPs. This shortage underscores the need for hospitals and practices to look beyond a single doctor as a panacea, and instead rely on a team-based care approach in which all members practice at the top of their license and share the collective responsibility for addressing patients’ needs.

(Podcast) Healthcare Analytics: Finally a Tangible Example We Can All Relate To

Healthcare is currently a reactive system that is episodic and in-clinic. To manage chronic diseases effectively, Rimidi CEO Josh Claman insists that we need to move towards an approach that virtualizes healthcare and delivers it to where the patient is. He explains how Rimidi can accomplish this.

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How to Manage Cardiometabolic Syndrome

Heart disease and cardiometabolic syndrome, a combination of metabolic dysfunctions characterized by insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and central adiposity have become global epidemics. An estimated 47 million people in the U.S. live with these disorders

Rimidi Partners

Rimidi is a Gold Member of Health Level Seven (HL7), a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery and evaluation of health services.

Rimidi is available on Athena Health's marketplace, so Athena users can launch Rimidi within their existing workflow.

Rimidi is available on Epic's App Orchard, so Epic customers can seamlessly launch Rimidi within their workflow.

Rimidi is available in the Cerner Code app gallery, so Cerner customers can seamlessy launch Rimidi wtihin their existing workflow.

Rimidi integrates with NextGen, so clinicians can see condition-specific clinical information alongside patient-generated data in the Rimidi platform.

Rimidi pulls patient-approved continuous glucose data from Dexcom's CGM into the Rimidi platform.

The Rimidi platform integrates with BodyTrace's cellular scales and blood pressure cuffs, enabling clinicians to remotely monitor weight and blood pressure.

The Rimidi platform integrates with Smart Meter's cellular blood-glucose meter, iGlucose.

The Rimidi platform integrates with Companion Medical's smart insulin pen, enabling clinicians to monitor how insulin doses impact glucose levels, and adjust treatment in near real time.

The Rimidi platform integrates with Trividia's bluetooth blood-glucose meter.

Break the Cycle of Predetermined Health Outcomes

At Rimidi, we believe we can do so much better—as a healthcare industry, as communities, and as individuals to provide innovative and enduring solutions.