About Rimidi

As the leading clinical management platform, Rimidi is designed to support your quality improvement, workflow optimization, and patient engagement objectives all within your existing EHR workflow.

Rimidi brings remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, clinical decision support, and patient reported outcomes together in one highly composable platform that delivers better workflows, experiences, and outcomes. Rimidi enables clients to risk stratify patients and identify the right level of intervention, close gaps in care according to evidence-based guidelines, prevent readmissions before they happen, and drive efficiencies in rapidly evolving clinical workflows.

Our Mission

Rimidi’s mission is to help clinicians optimize data to enable better clinical workflows, better clinical decisions, better patient engagement, care and outcomes, and ultimately—a better healthcare system.

Our Story

Rimidi was founded on the simple belief that we can do so much better as a healthcare industry.

A physician scientist by background, our founder and CEO left clinical practice after she became frustrated by systems-level inefficiencies and problems. Why did it take so many clicks in the EHR to see all that was clinically relevant for each patient? Why did the latest clinical guidelines take so long to actually put into practice? Why did she have to sign in to a separate app—or look on paper—to see the latest guidelines? And the big one: Why do we spend so much on healthcare in the U.S. and still have poor patient outcomes? She believed that optimizing how clinicians use data was (and still is) core to solving these problems.

To test this hypothesis, she sought to re-engineer care delivery starting with a very well-understood yet still poorly managed chronic condition: Type 2 Diabetes. By combining remotely-generated patient blood-glucose data with the most clinically relevant data in the EHR, Rimidi successfully helped providers get a more holistic view of their patients’ health, adjust treatment plans when necessary, and ultimately improve outcomes. Working closely with clients, the early Rimidi team adopted a model of continual improvement—constantly listening and adapting to make the clinical workflow seamless, and expand into other clinical use-cases.

Now, experts at bridging clinical expertise with best-practice technology, Rimidi supports providers in delivering better patient outcomes and engagement for diabetes, heart failure, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease/hypertension, obesity, COVID/Epidemic, perioperative care and more.

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