A Holistic & Innovative Approach

As early pioneers of SMART on FHIR, Rimidi’s clinical management platform works directly within your EHR—no separate sign in, no workflow disruption, better clinical efficiency. Rimidi combines patient-generated health data from connected devices or patient reported outcomes measures with clinical data to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions through embedded clinical decision support cards. Current clinical use-cases of the Rimidi platform include chronic, cardiometabolic conditions, epidemic management, and perioperative care.



Rimidi’s Epidemic Monitoring Platform combines COVID-19 symptom surveillance, testing, and biometric monitoring to give hospitals, health systems, employers or universities a unified approach to triaging and monitoring their populations.

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More Use-Cases

Don’t see your service line here? Rimidi works with clinicians across health systems and service lines to develop streamlined, app-driven experiences that drive better clinical efficiency and a much better patient experience.