Building Healthier Communities

We're focused on leveraging grassroots efforts and technological innovations to
provide better access to education and management tools to treat chronic,
cardiometabolic diseases.

Who We Serve

Health Systems & Hospitals

Rimidi virtualizes education courses, and provides patient assistance programs that increase retention and attendance rates for patient education.

Retail Pharmacy

By improving medication adherence through personalization and connectivity, Rimidi helps create a pharmacist-consumer relationship that is more than transactional

Local Programs & Initiatives

Whether government-funded, or not-for-profit, Rimidi supports state and community-based initiatives by providing digital, video-based health education with integrated access to affordable, local resources.

Rimidi helps our medically underserved population overcome barriers like transportation so they can manage their diabetes anytime, anywhere.
Alyssa Wells, MPH
Population Health Management Analyst Mercy Care

Initiative Spotlight

Tri-Cities Diabetes Equity Project

The Tri-Cities Diabetes Equity Project is a grassroots effort focused on delivering digital Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSME-S) in Atlanta’s Tri-Cities community of College Park, East Point, and Hapeville -- an area that has a disproportionately high rate of diabetes compared to neighboring communities.

Community Health Partners

If you are a non-profit or a corporation with a social responsibility sector, motivated to improve community health, please reach out:

Our Initiatives

Atlanta-Area Diabetes Collaborative

Grady Health System, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, Mercy Care, and WellStar Health System seek to utilize shared resources to improve diabetes outcomes in the metro-Atlanta area.

CVS Pharmacy Pilot

In partnership with CVS Pharmacy, Rimidi will launch a diabetes management program at a CVS Pharmacy centrally located in the Tri-Cities community in 2019. This model will enhance the current framework of Rimidi’s DSME-S Tri-Cities pilot. The partnership with CVS will build on Rimidi’s work with current partners.

Good Samaritan Health Center Atlanta Diabetes +Me

Patient and provider facing platform designed to improve diabetes management in a low-resourced community.

Georgia Department of Public Health Partnership (GADPH)

Rimidi’s Digital DSME-S is being implemented as a supplemental tool for Diabetes Educators in GADPH organizations across the state of Georgia.

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