Deep Brain Stimulation on FHIR: Enhancing the Patient Journey

Doctor reviews brain imaging with patient.

Delivering a Better DBS Experience

In partnership with Emory Healthcare, Rimidi has developed DBS CareTrek, a patient journey app for patients referred to the deep brain stimulation (DBS) program for Parkinson’s and other neurologic conditions. With full integration to the Electronic Medical Record, the app guides the patient through the journey from referral to post-surgical care, providing transparency in the process.

The app, which is available to other DBS programs, is designed to improve the patient experience, enhance clinic efficiency, reduce cancelled appointments and drive both patient and provider satisfaction.

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Mobile App for Patients
A mobile app for patients and caregivers with integration to the EMR provides transparency and collaboration throughout the patient journey. The app enables patients to:

  • View all appointments with integration to calendars and maps on iOS and Android phones
  • View and communicate with the patient’s clinical care team
  • Access and complete patient education at specific points in the journey
  • Receive key reminders from the care team, such as holding medications ahead of appointments or studies.

Provider Interface
A SMART on FHIR provider and administrator interface is accessible within the EMR for providers to invite patients to the app and monitor their progression. Through the admin interface, providers can:

  • Enroll patients to the app
  • Configure specific surgical pathways (one day vs two day) and pre-surgical actions and arrival times
  • Ensure patients have acknowledged medication-off reminders
  • Offer digital patient education at the right time in the patient DBS journey
Deep Brain Stimulation patient journey app

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