Introducing Rimidi’s New FHIR-Based Apps and Collaboration with Emory Healthcare

News | March 1st, 2021

Over the past several years, medical technology has progressed substantially, including innovations in treatments, surgical procedures and management of conditions previously deemed untreatable. However, the U.S. healthcare system still falls short in areas such as quality, outcomes, costs and equity.

Our company was founded on the belief that we can do so much better -- as individuals, and as an industry -- in providing significant and enduring solutions to overcome some of healthcare’s largest challenges and barriers. And we work toward this each and every day.

Following a successful 2020, Rimidi recently announced an exciting new collaboration with Emory Healthcare, the most comprehensive academic healthcare system in the state of Georgia, in which we have developed and launched new patient and provider-facing FHIR apps to create a more collaborative and transparent experience for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, as well as for those referred to the deep brain stimulation (DBS) program for Parkinson’s and other neurologic conditions at Emory Healthcare (and many other forthcoming leading hospitals and health systems).

Leveraging SMART on FHIR in Perioperative Care

Why did our two organizations team up to develop such applications? We know that perioperative care involves many complex, multi-step processes that can be daunting for both the patient and inefficient for the clinical staff. But it does not have to be this way. Patients place a high value on communication with healthcare providers within the perioperative setting, so for surgical patients, greater levels of detailed communication results in better patient satisfaction.

By leveraging Ortho on FHIR and Deep Brain Stimulation on FHIR, healthcare providers can enhance the patient experience across the entire continuum of care, while also driving efficiency in the clinical workflow.

Specifically, Ortho on FHIR ensures an enhanced overall orthopedic surgery experience, enabling providers to document procedure detail and track outcomes with integration to surgical and clinical schedules. With the app, surgeons also gain the ability to one touch dial to call patients post-operatively, view results of patient reported outcomes, such as nausea, pain, medication usage, and physical therapy outcomes, and search by patient, procedure, or multiple patient characteristics to find patients with similar cases to compare post-operative outcomes.

Further, Deep Brain Stimulation on FHIR improves the entire patient journey and experience, guiding patients from referral to post-surgical care. The DBS app is a patient journey experience with both android and iOS apps for patients and caregivers, as well as a provider-facing app to facilitate collaboration, transparency and efficiency in the pre- and post-operative pathways. It integrates to leading EHRs such that all data is shared between the applications and the EHR and ensures HIPAA-compliance and security.The app enables patients to view appointments straight from their phone, understand the objectives of upcoming appointments, view their clinical care team members, complete pre-appointment standardized questionnaires, and access patient education materials. Simultaneously, providers can leverage the app to enroll patients,, ensure patients have acknowledged pre-appointment tasks such as holding medications, and more.

As early pioneers of SMART on FHIR, Rimidi’s apps work directly within leading EHR’s, meaning no separate sign in is required, ultimately leading to less workflow disruption and better clinical efficiency. Together, in this collaboration with Emory, we are further embarking on our journey of enhancing innovation in healthcare.

Our FHIR-based are now commercially available for additional leading hospitals and health systems. To learn more about Ortho on FHIR or DBS on FHIR, please contact a member of our team or request a demo.