Diabetes+Me™ is a proprietary software platform that empowers patients and providers to identify gaps in diabetes management as well as the necessary steps to close those gaps, meet patient glucose targets and create a more efficient cycle of care.

self management feature on mobile
Self Management

Engages individuals to create a complete picture of diabetes in the context of their life to enable targeted lifestyle and treatment changes.

decision support feature screenshot on tablet
Decision Support

Enables clinicians to optimize outcomes through clinical decision support tools that also engage patients in shared decision making.

population management feature screenshot on desktop
Population Management

Helps care coordinators to focus on gaps in population management as well as individual outcomes. Tracks key performance metrics across diabetic population.

Health Systems

Identify and Engage Patients with Diabetes

  • Efficiently manage diabetes population while controlling costs
  • Triage and risk stratify patients
  • Monitor real-time patient data
  • Securely message patients to drive engagement
  • Create reports on key quality metrics such as BMI, A1C, BP and LDL.


Leverage data insights to drive clinical outcomes

  • Visualize the impact of therapy adjustments
  • Target treatment decisions to individual patient needs
  • Improve clinical efficiency and efficacy
  • Create dynamic care plan with each encounter
  • Prescribe and document patient education materials
  • Remotely monitor patient follow-up


Gain Control of Your Diabetes Management

  • Store and display your glucose and lifestyle data
  • Connect health devices and apps, including cellular and blue tooth glucometers and fitness trackers
  • Receive feedback and coaching from your healthcare team in response to your data and trends
  • Keep up-to-date with all of your preventive tests and services through in-app reminders

The Results?

Better Health for Populations

Better Care for Individuals

Cost Containment

Deliver a More Efficient Cycle of Care.

Let's stop the trial and error
and return control to both the patient and physician.