The implications of the diabetes epidemic are felt by patients, providers, and payors.

We empower clients to deliver more efficient healthcare, improve patient quality of life, and decrease the financial burden to patients and payors.

We are at a unique crossroads in healthcare driven by the convergence of policy change, economic pressures and advances in personal health technology.

In the US, we spend $245 billion each year on diabetes-related costs, with employers bearing the additional burden of lost productivity related to poorly-controlled diabetes.

We need to contain costs and shift to preventative care in order to decrease the costs of complications of chronic diseases. Diabetes+Me impacts the outcomes that matter: better quality of life, more efficient healthcare delivery and decreased financial burden for patients and payers.

Currently there are 29.1 million Americans with diabetes and 80 million with prediabetes. The time is right to change the system.

Clinical guidelines establish goals for diabetes management that have been proven to reduce complications and morbidity associated with poorly-controlled diabetes. Only 18% of patients with diabetes, however, meet all of three treatment goals of A1C, blood pressure and LDL control.

We need tools to empower patients, leverage data and standardize workflows while delivering personalized treatment. Diabetes+Me is a bridge between population health and clinical management. Our data insights and decision-support tools improve efficiency and helps providers make more targeted treatment decisions.

Patients want to be healthier, but need the right tools and support from their healthcare team.

The complications of diabetes include cardiovascular disease, blindness, amputation, and kidney failure. These issues can be avoided by optimizing blood glucose control.

Diabetes+Me helps patients take ownership of their diabetes through its self-management tools and improves communication between patients and their care team.