Rimidi Partners with Dexcom for the Launch of Their Data Platform

News | September 10th, 2018

Rimidi, a provider of digital health solutions to improve the management of chronic diseases, is an inaugural data partner in Dexcom’s newly launched open data platform.

Dexcom is a leading continuous glucose monitoring (GCM) company, and its public API enables third-party developers to connect patient-authorized CGM data into a broad range of software applications. This pioneering approach to CGM data sharing is intended to enable a rich ecosystem of novel solutions and put the user in control of where and how they interact with their glucose data.

“Rimidi is committed to supporting the collaborative effort of patients and healthcare providers to improve the health of individuals living with diabetes. Our partnership with Dexcom represents one more step toward leveraging data to drive personalized management and optimal outcomes,” Ide said. “Dexcom users will be able to share their data with their healthcare provider through Rimidi and Rimidi makes that data available within the clinician’s workflow in order to drive treatment decisions that address individual patient needs.”

Continuous glucose monitoring allows people with diabetes to continuously track their blood glucose levels in real-time. Dexcom CGM systems provide dynamic glucose information every five minutes, which creates a continuous stream of glucose data that can be invaluable for individual and population diabetes management. The Dexcom API allows Dexcom to ensure CGM data collaboration is secure, patient-privacy-centric, and FDA-compliant, while supporting a broad variety of new solutions and business models.

In addition to Rimidi, several well-established companies and startups in the diabetes space including One Drop, Nutrino, Tidepool, Evidation, Ensa, and App Practice are already accessing the API for patient-approved CGM data retrieval.

“Dexcom has always been a pioneer in diabetes technology,” said Kevin Sayer,Dexcom’s president and CEO. “Now we are extending our thought leadership into the data our device generates by enabling broad collaboration with digital health partners.”

Atlanta-based Rimidi, founded by Dr. Lucie Ide, is a health technology startup in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Signature portfolio of companies.