Rimidi, LifeQ Partner to Add Wearable-Based Monitoring to Rimidi’s Platform Enabling Early Warning of COVID-19 Infection

News | August 13th, 2020

With the addition of physiological monitoring via LifeQ’s wearable-based platform, businesses can better predict outbreaks and leverage a critical early warning system for COVID-19 detection in individuals.

August 13, 2020 - Atlanta - Rimidi, a cloud-based software platform that enables personalized management of health conditions across populations, today announced a new strategic partnership with LifeQ, a leading provider of biometrics and health information derived from wearable devices.

As a result of the partnership, LifeQ’s physiological data from commercial wrist-worn wearable devices will be integrated into Rimidi’s Epidemic Monitoring Platform, powering a more sensitive and specific screening mechanism for identifying individuals needing further assessment for COVID-19 infection as well as flagging clinical deterioration of COVID-19 cases.

“No single tool in the fight against COVID-19 is sufficient. There is a dire need to identify outbreaks at their onset and early warning systems for detecting COVID-19, especially in asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals, as this is truly the key to controlling spread and predicting new clusters,” said Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, founder of Rimidi. “Rimidi and LifeQ’s partnership makes this possible. This clinical decision support capability could ultimately replace symptom and exposure self-reporting surveys, and is the future of remote patient monitoring.”

The Rimidi COVID-19 Population Monitoring Toolkit was designed to ensure the health and safety of individuals by offering a holistic platform that combines symptom and exposure surveillance, virus and antibody testing, vaccine and biometric data to give visibility of COVID-19 status across a population of patients or employees. In order to better control the spread of COVID-19, continuous physiological monitoring via wearables, such as smart watches, to predict infection prior to symptom presentation and, ideally, even before viral shedding, is needed. Partnering with LifeQ and adding continuous physiological monitoring via smart watches into the pre-established platform will further assist healthcare providers in identifying high-risk patients, triaging to appropriate testing and tracking complication development.

“By combining Rimidi’s holistic, innovative platform and LifeQ’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of human physiology and systems biology, we are broadening the scope of what’s possible in predicting fundamental physiological processes via wearable devices,” said Laurence Olivier, LifeQ CEO. “With the impact of COVID-19 varying significantly across populations, parallel monitoring of multiple physiological and health features are critical for defining and detecting an accurate enough universal pre-symptomatic COVID-19 biosignature.”

For more information on the partnership or Rimidi’s COVID-19 Monitoring Platform, please visit rimidi.com/lp/employers-covid-19-monitoring-toolkit.