COVID-19 Population Monitoring Toolkit

A comprehensive, strategic approach to getting back to work.

Rimidi Combines Symptom Surveillance, Testing, Biometric Monitoring and More to Inform Workforce Readiness

Employers are beginning to test employees for COVID-19 to determine whether they can return to work. But testing is still an imperfect system; results may take up to 72 hours and at roughly $100/test, the cost of frequent workforce testing adds up fast. To safely return to work and to minimize operational disruption, it’s going to take a strategic approach with testing and temperature checks being directed by screening data.

Rimidi’s Epidemic Monitoring Platform, originally built for hospitals and other healthcare providers with EHR-integration to screen, monitor, and triage patients appropriately, is helping employers with return-to-work strategies by aggregating and making sense of all of this data to accurately assess their workforce’s readiness.

By aggregating all data, employers can have real time insight into their population risk, create a longitudinal record of the measures taken to protect their employees, and conserve testing and PPE resources when necessary. Whether healthcare workers, essential manufacturing workers or office workers, the platform can support the necessary measures and tracking.

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Here's how the Rimidi platform works:

Whether you have onsite healthcare already or need virtual oversight of your population through an employee health provider, we’ve got you covered. We can integrate with your existing clinic or bring one of our partners in to support you.

  1. We load your employee or patient population into the platform.
  2. We send a text message or email-based symptom survey to your population based on the latest CDC guidance.
  3. The platform immediately directs employees and employee health personnel with appropriate next steps such as testing, isolating, or worksite reporting.
  4. Employee messaging reinforces the best practices and worksite protocols you’ve already put in place with direct messaging to employees.
  5. Employers are able to get a holistic view of their aggregate workforce readiness, as well as individual employee risk scoring.
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