Letting Core Values Lead the Way in 2023

News | February 15th, 2023

I started Rimidi in 2012 with a belief that we can do better in healthcare: as physicians, as solutions providers, and as an industry. As the Rimidi team has grown and changed over the years, that belief has remained constant for me, and that motivation is shared among all of our employees—new hires and veterans.

Last year, we sat down as a team to build our core values around this belief using design-thinking. Team members responded to the prompts “We are” and “We believe.”

These time-bound brainstorming exercises are meant to elicit quick responses which participants do not overthink or self-edit. Employees responded with concepts such as: “We are empathetic. We are diverse. We are problem solvers,” and “We believe our work makes an impact. Data sharing should be easier. We believe in inclusiveness.”

As the founder and CEO of the company, seeing the responses was gratifying and energizing. Not only do we, as a team, have a shared vision and understanding of the mission, but the team brought new and creative ideas to the table and recognized themes in the company culture that were never deliberately defined – until now.

As we identified themes and explored concepts in more depth, we coalesced around five core values.

Our Core Values:

Tenacity: We believe that healthcare can and should be better and that our work makes an impact.

Curiosity: We set out to solve problems – big or small. We strive to find new ways to think and new ways to do things. Curiosity is at the core of our challenge to the status quo.

Collaboration: Our clients are at the center of everything we do, and we rely on their feedback and partnership to continuously innovate and improve.

Dependability: We mean what we say, and we do what we say. We deliver on our promises.

Diversity: At Rimidi, our diversity of thought and lived experience enables us to better understand and meet our clients’ needs.

As we settle in to 2023 with a growing and changing team, these core values will continue to drive us to achieve our mission: To help clinicians optimize data to enable better clinical workflows, better clinical decisions, better patient engagement, care and outcomes, and ultimately—a better healthcare system.