Employee Spotlight: Romeo Cabanban

News | April 2nd, 2024

The pandemic forever not only changed healthcare, but changed workplace culture. To support a growing team in a hybrid remote-office company, Rimidi reinforced our mission and our core values: tenacity, collaboration, curiosity, dependability, and diversity.

This year, we’re excited to feature the people and faces behind these core values with our employee spotlight series.

Meet Romeo Cabanban, Director of Engineering.

Tell me about yourself.
I'm an HL7 enthusiast, and my fascination with FHIR began when I noticed the fragmented state of healthcare data systems. FHIR's straightforward design made sharing patient information simpler, and witnessing its real-world impact on healthcare organizations has been fulfilling. Now, I'm focused on promoting FHIR and am convinced it can improve healthcare connectivity, efficiency, and accessibility.

What do you like most about the work we do here?
At Rimidi, I've found an ideal platform to apply my passion for building practical solutions. Each day, I use my expertise to address genuine healthcare challenges. Rimidi stands out for its focus on creating products that directly tackle crucial issues, like enhancing patient outcomes and simplifying provider workflows. In addition, the collaborative environment and supportive team make every project feel like a collective achievement.

What do you like about our company culture?
Rimidi's diverse team, with members from various cultural backgrounds and professional expertise, creates a dynamic and enriching work environment. This diversity brings a range of perspectives to the table, fostering creativity, innovation, and a better understanding of the complex healthcare challenges we tackle.

In a few details, what is your favorite part of your job?
As a self-professed FHIR nerd, I couldn't be more thrilled to be actively involved in building and developing a real-world implementation of FHIR standards here at Rimidi. It's incredible to witness the number of problems we can tackle by harnessing the power of good data. As an engineer, one of the most exciting aspects of my role is the opportunity to integrate new medical devices seamlessly into the Rimidi platform.

Which company values resonate with you?
Being part of a company like Rimidi, tenacity is truly a privilege because it provides me with the opportunity to contribute to solving some of the most pressing problems in healthcare today. Every day, I am inspired by the meaningful work we do to improve patient outcomes, enhance healthcare delivery, and ultimately make a positive impact on people's lives.

What motivates you?
Solving problems is not just a task for me—it's a passion. There's something incredibly satisfying about encountering a challenge, analyzing it from every angle, and then finding the most effective solution. Whether it's troubleshooting a technical issue, devising a strategy to improve efficiency in a process, or brainstorming innovative ways to address complex problems, I thrive on the opportunity to use my problem-solving skills to make a tangible difference.

What is your favorite part of working at our company?
Getting to work with FHIR every day is fantastic. It's more than just technology—it's a tool that opens up countless possibilities for healthcare data. Whether I'm building APIs, developing apps, or integrating FHIR into existing systems, there's always something new to learn and explore. It's an exciting field to be in, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to play a part in it every day.

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