Employee Spotlight: Devin Blanchard

News | January 18th, 2024

The pandemic forever not only changed healthcare, but changed workplace culture. To support a growing team in a hybrid remote-office company, Rimidi reinforced our mission and our core values: tenacity, collaboration, curiosity, dependability, and diversity.

This year, we’re excited to feature the people and faces behind these core values with our employee spotlight series.

Meet Devin Blanchard, Cyber Security Analyst.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
When I was younger, I grew up in Italy and Japan. It was a great experience because I was exposed to different cultures, giving me a greater perspective on life. Some parts I especially enjoyed were the food and entertainment. Incorporating those experiences into my life currently, I’m a pretty great pasta chef, if I do say so myself, and am always down to watch anime. Furthermore, I love to practice muay thai because it makes me feel physically strong and mentally challenged.

What do you like most about the work we do here?
I think it provides a valuable service to the healthcare industry. There are very few products out there that are similar to Rimidi’s, therefore, it’s been pretty exciting to work in an organization that challenges the status quo. The remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management have helped hundreds of clinicians improve their workflow management and improve patient care. In the future, I believe this software will only prove to be more valuable as the industry trends towards more flexible care.

What do you like about our company culture?
Everybody is super nice! When someone’s willing to lend a helping hand or provide some positivity, it 100% makes a difference in the workday. I really love the team and the fact that it’s small because it’s allowed me to get to know everybody in the office. One of my favorite memories at work was Halloween because it was so fun to everyone in costume.

In a few details, what is your favorite part of your job?
I really enjoy the fast-paced nature of my job, therefore, I never really get bored. Some days I work on threat modeling and on other days I work on intrusion detection. Furthermore, I’m always thinking up of new ways to evolve the cybersecurity industry in the healthcare space whether it be creating a template library or collaborating with other companies.

What motivates you?
I am motivated by protecting company assets. Historically, there has been no standardized process to evaluate an organization’s security assessments, therefore, digital solutions in the healthcare space have been slow to adapt. Knowing that I’m not only ensuring Rimidi’s cybersecurity, but also working in an area that is quickly changing has made me feel fulfilled at the end of the day and excited to see what’s going to happen next.

What is your favorite part of working at our company?
My favorite part about working at Rimidi is being able to directly contribute to company goals. Rimidi aims to improve the healthcare system by giving clinicians a more holistic view of their patients’ data, creating a better clinical workflow, and ultimately better clinical decisions for better patient health. In security, I advance that mission by making sure clients feel comfortable trusting our software to protect their patients’ data. Knowing all that’s at stake, I take my job very seriously and am incredibly grateful to have an awesome team supporting me.

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