Epidemic Monitoring Platform for Healthcare Providers

Rimidi's COVID-19 Triage and Monitoring platform is helping protect patients and healthcare workers from infection and driving efficiencies in rapidly evolving clinical workflows, including vaccine deployment.

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Key Features of the Rimidi Epidemic Monitoring Platform

Remote Triage: Surveys patients with upcoming appointments for symptoms or exposure to prevent infected individuals from coming into the clinic and potentially infecting the general clinic population.

Ongoing Monitoring of Patients Self-Isolating: Automates follow-up check-in surveys for patients who are self-isolating and enables remote monitoring of oxygen levels with connected pulse oximeters.

Customer Patient Instruction: Provides client-specific guidance for testing or next steps in assessment, and alerts the clinical team of patients at risk.

COVID-19 Vaccine Support Post-vaccine surveys to gather data on side effects and support patient needs. Ensure adherence to two-dose vaccine regimens through automated patient reminders and exception reports for patients with missed second doses.

Ease of EMR Integration: Integrated and approved on Cerner, Athena, and Epic.

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