Heart Failure

With growing pressure on health systems to keep patients healthy at home due to cost and frequency of readmission, many providers are turning to Remote Patient Monitoring for Heart Failure. By using patient-generated weight data from connected scales and configured alerts, Rimidi's platform helps prevent heart failure readmissions before they happen.

55 %

of Medicare fee-for-service readmissions are from Heart Failure patients

25 %

30-day readmission rate for Heart Failure patients

Rimidi’s Approach to Heart Failure

Rimidi’s Heart Failure platform enables personalized management across a population of patients with heart failure at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, all while working within the EHR.

Identify At-Risk Patients

Rimidi’s Heart Failure solution identifies areas of care optimization through integrated remote monitoring and clinical decision support capabilities. Based on latest guidelines and client protocols, the platform guides clinicians to the right level of intervention to prevent costly admissions and readmissions.

Personalized Management

Connected medical devices like scales feed right into Rimidi, enabling a seamless patient experience in the comfort of their own home. Clinicians are able to monitor progress virtually, while working within the EHR, and make treatment and lifestyle adjustments as needed.

Configurable Clinical Decision Support

Rimidi can configure clinical decision support cards to notify clinicians if a patient has gained a certain amount of weight within a given timeframe. Following clinical guidelines, the card will suggest the clinician follow-up with the patient and check for other symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing or swelling in ankles, before it results in a hospital admission or readmission.

Reduce your costs, and improve patient outcomes

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