Diabetes remains a major focus for healthcare providers and chronic disease management programs. Rimidi's Remote Patient Monitoring solution for diabetes combines patient-generated health data from connected glucometers and CGMs to clinical data in the EHR, and drives patient-specific clinical actions via embedded Clinical Decision Support cards.

12 %

of US population has Diabetes

81 %

of patients with Type 2 Diabetes don’t meet goals for A1c, blood pressure, and cholesterol

Rimidi’s Approach to Diabetes

Our platform's Diabetes module connects patient-generated data from connected devices like blood glucose monitors, CGMs, and insulin pens with clinical data in EHR systems to give clinicians a more complete view of a patient’s health and drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions within the framework of the latest evidence and guidelines. The platform lives within the EHR—integrating seamlessly into the provider workflow.

Combine Clinical and Patient-Generated Data

Rimidi aggregates relevant clinical data from the EHR and combines it with patient-generated data from glucometers, CGMs and insulin pens to give clinicians a more real-time, holistic view of each patient’s health.


Rimidi empowers patients to feel like the most important part of their care team by creating a complete picture of their diabetes in the context of their life, enabling personalized lifestyle and treatment changes.


Rimidi allows care teams to see a full picture of their diabetic population, and identify gaps in population management as well as individual outcomes.

Clinical Decision Support

Configurable clinical decision support notifications like recommended medications based on clinical protocols are embedded within the clinician’s workflow to help bring current clinical guidelines to practice, and are tailored to a patient’s unique needs.

Reduce your costs, and improve patient outcomes

Our goal is to help health systems achieve the quadruple aim of healthcare: better patient outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient and provider satisfaction. We'll show you how.