Redefining Population Health Management

Achieving better population health is multifaceted.

We know. Pop Health Platforms of the past are bulky. They’re expensive. They take a long time to integrate to your EHR, and they tell you the problems–point out your highest-risk, highest-cost patients–but don’t provide scalable ways to address them. That’s where Rimidi is different.

Rimidi is not just a standalone Population Health Management platform or data aggregator. Rimidi extends the capabilities of your EHR, giving your clinicians the power to improve population health at scale with clinical decision support embedded within their workflow.

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Rimidi helps clinical teams:

  • Aggregate relevant clinical data from your EHR into problem-oriented views and patient-generated data from connected devices or Social Determinants of Health or Patient Reported Outcomes surveys.

  • Identify the highest-risk patients based off of EHR data or remotely-generated data.

  • Act on the information by surfacing in-workflow, configurable clinical decision support cards and filterable notifications.

  • Monitor patient biometrics like blood-glucose, weight, and blood pressure in between doctors visits with Rimidi’s approach to Remote Patient Monitoring.

  • Refine and adjust care plans and patient cohorts with robust insights and analytics at the population level.

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