The Critical Role of PROs in Effective Clinical Decision Making

News | October 11th, 2021

As the healthcare industry has sought to further transition to value-based care, one tool has become a vital component into achieving success -- patient reported outcomes (PROs).

In short, PROs provide a real-world assessment of healthcare’s effectiveness from those experiencing it firsthand -- offering a more accurate view of a patient -- thus filling in missing gaps and addressing the entire healthcare continuum. The result? More personalized care, greater patient outcomes, and enhanced efficiency within a practice.

Properly Measuring PROs to Optimize Patient Input and Health Outcomes
The first step in adopting PROs is collection of patient data. While traditionally this data has been collected via paper-based surveys or phone calls, providers must digitize their data in order make the information more streamlined, timelier and valuable. By doing it this way, the responses can be easily integrated into electronic health records (EHRs) and generate data that drives the decisions doctors make in delivering care. Once such patient data is acquired, doctors can use the information to make decisions that improve patient outcomes.

The Need for an EHR-Integrated PROs Tool
Recognizing the need for an EHR-integrated PROs tool, our team at Rimidi recently announced the official launch of Survé by Rimidi. Originally deployed as a virtual screening and triage tool to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings, Survé delivers questionnaires directly to patients on their device in real-time or in an appointment-driven or data-driven context, working within the existing EHR and layering on configurable clinical decision support.

Survé is also designed to streamline provider workflows, while simultaneously impacting clinical decision making on patient outcomes, and is available as part of Rimidi’s disease management views or as a standalone PRO platform.

To date, our tool has been used by providers to:

  • Systematically collect standardized clinical Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) ahead of or following designated appointments
  • Send surveys to patients assessing Social Determinants of Health and to connect those patients to appropriate resources
  • Virtually assess patient goals and goal achievement
  • Support development and delivery of novel PROMs for clinical areas that do not yet have standardized outcomes measures

In all, as the healthcare industry continues to move toward value-based and outcomes-based care, providers and health systems will need to leverage EHR-integration, as well as connections with other forms of data in health records or remote patient monitoring, in order to fully utilize PROs tools in clinical decision making.

By doing so, doctors can create a more complete picture by truly bringing the patients' full view into care.

We would enjoy the opportunity to connect with your team and share more about Survé by Rimidi.

For additional questions and details or to get started with the tool, please contact a member of our team today.