Rimidi to Showcase Continuous Glucose Monitor Integration with the EHR at ViVE, HIMSS 2022

News | February 28th, 2022

The Clinical Management Platform’s newest integration with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre brings CGM data into clinical workflows of diverse healthcare providers

ATLANTA – February 28, 2022 – Rimidi, a leading clinical management platform designed to optimize clinical workflows, enhance patient experiences and achieve quality objectives, today announced that the company will showcase its latest medical device integrations – including its integration with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring system – at ViVE and HIMSS 2022 this March. With this new integration, patients can consent to share their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data with their healthcare provider through Rimidi, making the data available and actionable seamlessly within the clinician’s existing EHR workflow.

Integrated with a broad range of medical devices, including cellular and Bluetooth-enabled blood-glucose meters, scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse-oximeters, insulin dosing pens, and continuous glucose monitors, Rimidi allows for data aggregation across multiple devices into a single, streamlined solution that integrates with the EHR.

“With unprecedented innovation in medical devices and sensors, patient care will require an ecosystem of devices and that data cannot live in separately-accessed disparate systems,” said Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Rimidi. “The goal of remote patient monitoring isn’t monitoring – it’s management. To do that effectively, data needs to be transmitted, merged with other patient data, analyzed and interpreted in a way that is efficient and meaningful to clinicians and drives positive impact for patients. That is exactly what Rimidi does.”

The diverse ecosystem of devices and EHR integration specifically enables clients to:

  • Bring CGM data to primary care, endocrinology, population health, and care management teams
  • Monitor blood pressure in new moms who had high-risk pregnancies
  • Manage populations of patients with heart failure and identify opportunities for early intervention
  • Improve hemoglobin A1Cs in patients with poorly controlled Type 2 Diabetes
  • View and act on ASCVD risk scores within their existing EHR workflow, and more.

To learn more about Rimidi’s CGM integration at ViVE or HIMSS, visit rimidi.com/lp/vive-and-himss22 and schedule a meeting or demo today.