Rimidi and Companion Medical Announce First U.S. Partnership to Bring Connected Insulin Data Into the Clinical Workflow

News | June 5th, 2019

Rimidi, a cloud-based connected care software solution that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions, and Companion Medical, the leader in smart insulin injection delivery, today announced a partnership to enhance data visualization for clinicians treating high-risk patients with diabetes who are on insulin therapy. The first-of-its-kind partnership will enable clinicians to analyze real-time insulin dosage integrated with data from connected glucometers and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) to remotely refine dosing decisions, all while working within the existing clinical workflow.

The collaboration integrates Companion Medical’s connected device, InPen™, the first and only FDA-cleared, smart insulin pen paired with an integrated diabetes management app, into Rimidi’s platform by pushing insulin dosing data from the InPen through the cloud without the need for downloading. Working within the electronic health record (EHR), Rimidi’s software enables personalized, virtual management of individuals with cardiometabolic conditions by combining connected devices with relevant clinical data.

“We are excited about this partnership with Companion Medical, as this is the first known project in which the real promise of connected diabetes care is realized,” said Josh Claman, CEO of Rimidi. “As such, clinicians will be able to see all relevant patient data within their existing workflow — no separate sign in, no missing pieces — and match near-real-time glucose readings with dosing information to make more informed clinical decisions.”

Mike Mensinger, chief technology officer at Companion Medical added, “This partnership reduces the burden in new technology adoption for healthcare systems and also enables innovation in population health and care delivery models, resulting in improved outcomes at a decreased cost of care. Clinical teams will now be able to efficiently identify patients with adherence challenges and proactively engage them through a message on the patient’s phone.”

Rimidi and Companion Medical have initiated their partnership with a project at Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) in Southern California, an innovative practice that is part of the Heritage Provider Network, and intend to offer this solution to other national healthcare systems.

“We have used Rimidi’s software with connected glucometers for five years with very positive effects on diabetes outcomes, showing improvements in both [hemoglobin] A1C and ‘bad’ cholesterol,” said Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD, APh, BCACP, Administrator of Population Health and Prescription Management (PHARxM) at DOHC. “The addition of insulin dosing data will be significant. It will meaningfully accelerate the trial and error process of identifying the optimal dose for each patient while reducing costs.”

Rimidi and Companion Medical will preview the data visualization solution at the American Diabetes Association’s 79th Scientific Sessions on Sunday, June 9 from 12 – 2 p.m. at booth 117. For more information, visit healthcare.rimidi.com/connecteddiabetescare or email info|at|rimidi.com.

About Rimidi
Rimidi is a cloud-based software solution that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, with specific platforms for diabetes, heart failure, and fatty liver disease. Created by doctors, Rimidi avoids the disconnect in connected care by combining patient-generated health data with EHR systems to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions. The net effect is a better health system with optimized clinical workflows that enable better decisions, better relationships, better outcomes, and ultimately a better healthcare system. For more information, visit rimidi.com.

About Companion Medical
Companion Medical is a leader in the development of advanced technology to improve diabetes care. InPen™, the first and only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen, combines an innovative diabetes management app with a Bluetooth® enabled pen injector to simplify the constant tracking, monitoring and calculating required for insulin therapy. InPen™ addresses many of the issues that people living with diabetes face on a daily basis, including missed insulin doses, miscalculated insulin doses and insulin stacking. For more information, visit companionmedical.com.