Survé by Rimidi:
An EHR-Integrated Patient Reported Outcomes Tool

Survé by Rimidi delivers Patient Reported Outcomes and questionnaires directly to patients on their device in real-time or in an appointment-driven or data-driven context. Integrated with leading EHRs, patient responses from Survé are visible within your existing workflow, allow for visualization of trends over time, and incorporation into clinical notes.

Survé is designed to work across a number of different use-cases, and available as part of Rimidi disease management views or as a standalone PRO platform. Providers have used Survé to:

  • Systematically collect standardized clinical Patient Reported Outcomes Measures ahead of or following designated appointments, like symptom and symptom burden surveys.

  • Send surveys assessing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). (e.g. Are you having difficulty getting your medications? Do you have reliable transportation to your doctor?)

  • Virtually assess patient goals and goal achievement. What are the patients priorities, and how is treatment helping them accomplish the things that matter to them?

  • Develop and deploy PROMs for clinical areas that do not yet have standardized surveys.

Survé was not only built to digitize patient surveys. By integrating the tool with existing EHRs and layering on configurable clinical decision support, Survé enables a cyclic workstream where clinicians can continuously assess and refine the impact of patient feedback on clinical decision making, and the impact of clinical decision making on patient outcomes.

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