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A diagnosis of diabetes doesn't mean living with complications.

Take our 1-minute quiz to get your Rimidi Diabetes Wellbeing Score™. We’ll send you a personalized report explaining how you can regain control over diabetes.

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What you Get

When you complete our short quiz, we will calculate your Rimidi Diabetes Wellbeing Score on a scale of 0-100.

Along with this score, you can get a personalized report with more details:

  • What this score means
  • How you scored in different categories
  • What you can do to improve your score

Your score is kept private and we will never publicly link a score with any identifiable information.

Everybody is Different

The Rimidi Diabetes Wellbeing Score takes into account your specific habits and health factors to calculate a score that is unique to you. We show you how well you’re doing to control your diabetes and what you can do to improve.

Get Your Wellbeing Score