Rimidi and ARKRAY Partner to Bring Glucose Data from the GLUCOCARD® Shine Connex Blood Glucose Monitoring System to the EHR

News | May 9th, 2022

Rimidi, a leading clinical management platform designed to optimize clinical workflows, enhance patient experiences, and achieve quality objectives, today announced a new partnership with ARKRAY, a leader in diabetes care products. As a result of the collaboration, ARKRAY’s GLUCOCARD® Shine Connex Blood Glucose Monitoring System is now integrated with the Rimidi Platform, making blood glucose data more actionable for providers and patients alike.

Diabetes is currently one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. today, with over 37 million people in the U.S. currently living with the condition. Additionally, diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in the nation, with more than $237 billion spent each year on direct medical costs, and another $90 billion on reduced productivity.

As a result, it is critical patients have access to reliable and affordable blood glucose monitoring systems that meet industry accuracy standards and enable more patients to test as often as needed. With GLUCOCARD Shine Connex's simplified Bluetooth® pairing and syncing, Bluetooth® connectivity can be leveraged to connect to existing patient mobile devices, thus reducing gaps in care and allowing for more proactive, collaborative diabetes management.

“At ARKRAY, we’re focused on providing patients with the best tools and resources possible to properly manage their diabetes,” said Robert Wernsman, Vice President of Consumer Health at ARKRAY. “We’re proud to offer affordable, reliable blood glucose meters that enable greater testing frequency for patients living with diabetes and are excited to partner with Rimidi to empower providers with the ability to remotely monitor their patients and drive proper actionable insights within their workflow.”

The integration between Rimidi and ARKRAY enables providers to see blood glucose data in their existing workflows, thus providing a more comprehensive view of patients' health, and in turn driving better clinical decisions. For example, providers are alerted when a patient has an out-of-range reading or has not taken their blood-glucose in a certain amount of time, prompting them to follow up with their patient accordingly.

“With a large portion of the U.S. population living with diabetes, and a significant amount living in areas with poor cellular service, patients need devices that they can rely on to monitor their conditions without having to schedule an in-person appointment with their provider,” said Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Rimidi. “Through our partnership with ARKRAY, we’re tackling these challenges head on, ensuring more patients and providers have the tools they need to properly monitor conditions and make actionable insights that improve health outcomes.”

For more information on Rimidi’s partnership with ARKRAY, as well as Rimidi’s additional solutions and offerings for chronic condition patients, visit rimidi.com.

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