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Revolutionizing Chronic Care Management: The Role of the Pharmacist

As the number of patients with chronic conditions grows, providers are challenged with meeting the complex needs of these patients while also overcoming multiple obstacles, such as rising healthcare costs and meeting patients where they are.Part of the solution is focusing on prevention and proactive management of chronic diseases. Technology has proven especially helpful in managing […]

Hooked on FHIR: A Platform, App, Microapp Approach

Working at the intersection of health tech and payment model reform is a bit like building a house – everything takes longer than expected and costs more than budgeted. If we look back on the journey towards interoperability, it has been punctuated by hype, delays, and debate. The same can be said for the drive […]

Rimidi Expands its Cloud-Based Platform to Include Cardiovascular Disease

ATLANTA– JULY 10, 2019 Rimidi, a cloud-based software platform that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, today announced it has added a new disease ‘view’ to its platform. Joining its type 2 diabetes, heart failure and nonalcoholic fatty liver views, the software will now support cardiovascular disease (CVD). Working within the electronic […]

Rimidi and Companion Medical Announce First U.S. Partnership to Bring Connected Insulin Data Into the Clinical Workflow

Rimidi, a cloud-based connected care software solution that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions, and Companion Medical, the leader in smart insulin injection delivery, today announced a partnership to enhance data visualization for clinicians treating high-risk patients with diabetes who are on insulin therapy. The first-of-its-kind partnership will enable clinicians to analyze real-time insulin dosage […]

Value-Based Care is Coming: How to Create a Culture of Quality at Your Hospital

If there’s a recurring theme in healthcare today it’s that of constant change. Other industries are disrupted by new innovative technologies and approaches to customer engagement, but add government regulations, payer models, and the fickleness of government administrations, and healthcare is at a whole new level of unpredictability. But there’s one thing for certain in […]

Rimidi Partners with Cellular Scale Company, Yields Promising Results for Heart Failure Management

ATLANTA, March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Rimidi has partnered with BodyTrace, a cellular technology company, to provide cellular-enabled scales to heart failure patients who are remotely monitored by their clinicians using Rimidi’s software platform. The cellular scales provide a frictionless experience for patients; all they have to do is step on the scale and their weight is automatically transmitted to the […]

We’ve Still Got to Get the Basics Right

New Study Reveals Significant Gaps in Guideline-Based Management at the Primary Care Level I’ve had many conversations with clinicians and thought leaders across the healthcare industry over past months about the fact that we still aren’t getting the basics right. Patients aren’t receiving appropriate screenings at an acceptable rate and we are still struggling to […]

We Can do Better, Healthcare Industry

I began Rimidi with the belief that technology can and should enable better care–not frustrate the process. After working as a physicist, a venture capitalist, an academic clinician and scientist, I decided to start Rimidi to drive innovations in the healthcare industry and address the issues that kept popping up. Here’s how it all began: […]

NASH: America’s Silent Epidemic

You’ve heard of diabetes, and you’ve probably heard of cirrhosis too… but have you heard of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)? Even if you have heard of it, you may not have seen it: there are little to no symptoms, and was first identified relatively recently, in 1980, as the “unnamed disease”.For such a discreet disease, many […]

Rimidi Partners with Point-of-Care Diagnostics Company

ATLANTA, GA (Nov. 1, 2018) – Rimidi, an Atlanta-based healthcare technology company, today announced a partnership with PTS Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of point-of-care biometric testing devices. Together, the two companies seek to close gaps in care, drive clinical efficiency and improve patient outcomes with Connected Care, a digital condition management solution powered by Rimidi’s […]

Are we really meeting patients where they are?

Scanning a healthcare organization’s website, odds are good that you’ll come across the phrase “meeting patients where they are”. As an industry, we talk about it all the time, and it is key to improving the patient experience—and outcomes. But are we really doing it? Physically? Geographically? The data says no. The graph below shows […]