An Integrated Approach to Remote Patient Monitoring

Whether you’re a leading medical center, multi-specialty practice, FQHC or RHC, large health system or an RPM Service Provider - the Rimidi platform is designed to meet your needs. The FHIR-enabled platform:

Integrates with your EMR and Variety of Connected Devices
Rimidi integrates seamlessly with most major EMRs using HL7's FHIR API. Beyond FHIR, Rimidi can integrate with any device or EMR that enables external APIs—including Bluetooth or cellular devices.

Supports Multiple Disease States and Use-Cases
Rimidi is designed to enhance the EMR and help you meet the needs of patients holistically, with robust disease views that clinicians can seamlessly switch between for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Failure, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and NASH, Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity.

Embeds Clinical Decision Support
By combining data from connected devices and clinical data in the EMR, Rimidi's software drives patient-specific clinical insights and actions through embedded clinical decisions support cards. These configurable cards can support almost any insight or intervention a client wants: RPM data alerting and interventions, referral management, lab or medication recommendations, clinical trial identification, and more.

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