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Remote Patient Monitoring

Created for clinicians, by clinicians, Rimidi enables you to achieve your heath system's priorities with a unified, composable platform that delivers better workflows, experiences, and outcomes - all within your existing EHR workflow.

How Can Rimidi Help?

Reimbursable Remote Patient Monitoring

Rimidi enables clinicians to remotely monitor their patients' blood pressure, blood-glucose levels, weight and more, and virtually send encouragement or treatment adjustments when necessary. Learn more about our approach to Remote Patient Monitoring.

Population Risk Stratification

Based on aggregated patient-generated data and additional relevant data, Rimidi provides a risk stratification view to clinicians, identifying patients who are at the greatest risk for a worsening condition or complications.

Data-Driven Clinical Efficiency

Rimidi works within the EHR and combines patient-generated health data from connected devices with clinical data from the EHR to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions, all while working within the existing clinical workflow.

Guideline-based Clinical Decision Support

Configurable clinical decision support cards, such as medication modeling and treatment recommendations, are embedded within the clinician’s workflow and are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

I am continually impressed with Rimidi’s innovation at the cutting edge of FHIR technology - CDS Hooks being a great example.
Mark Braunstein, M.D., Ph.D
Professor, Health Informatics Georgia Institute of Technology

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At Rimidi, we believe we can do so much better—as a healthcare industry, as communities, and as individuals to provide innovative and enduring solutions.